Fabio Viviani Wines
Responsive website redesign
UI designer
Mobile app and marketing site
Fabio Viviani is a celebrity chef with a large following from his appearance on Top Chef. His passion for simplifying pairing wine and food led to developing his own collection, attempting to make it easy to elevate a simple meal to an extraordinary event with one of his red or white wines.
The challenge
The majority of users are currently females between the ages of 35 and 64. 47% of site visits are on a desktop computer, 53% are on phone or tablet. However, the marketing team wanted to reach a younger audience with the redesign. I looked at other wine companies like the Prisoner Wine Company as well as wine distributors like Winc to have a better understanding of the wine industry. I also looked at companies like Kinfolk and Nike to get inspiration from companies that were currently successful at reaching a similar audience.
Style Direction
I combined two directions based on the clients request.
I created a new logo making it more modern and representative of the target audience.
Final design
I designed the new home page to emphasize the wine selection in order to increase sales.
Old shop page.
Making it easier to shop.
I rearranged this page to make it easier for the user to quickly purchase the wine.
Wine details.
Old recipe and pairings page.
Find recipes quicker.
The original website had no way to search or filter through hundreds of recipes so I added an easy way to filter through a large number of recipes.
The existing website is not visually unappealing. But they were unhappy with the low sales from the website. The website was filled with a lot of great information, but not all of that information was necessary. I also wanted to focus on making it very easy to find recipes because from initial testing it was a feature that people were drawn to. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to complete both of these tasks. I would have liked to worked through the details of the the recipes more and implement a way for it to be interactive where users can upload and share their favorite recipes and pairings.