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1 in 5 Americans will experience mild depressive and anxiety symptoms each year and experts recommend a depression screening yearly, yet less than half of these people are able to get help. emotilink is an on-demand telecommunication app that allows users to meet with a certified mental health care provider via video chat. Users can choose providers from a customizable marketplace, and dictate duration and schedule. Providers, on the other hand, dictate their availability and pricing.
The challenge
Create a brand that is friendly and welcoming in order to appeal to a wide range of users, as well as, improve the user experience by creating a simple and intuitive flow to select a provider using a clean visual design.
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The creators of emotilink wanted to diverge visually from a typical healthcare app because they thought that they can often times feel too sterile and unapproachable. They didn't want users to feel like they were in a hospital waiting room. As a solution, I came up with the idea that emotilink is a whole new world (your "happy place") where you can escape the chaos of your life and find rest and comfort.